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The Trixx, also known as Gigo, is a Croatian DJ and producer. He´s been into music since the age of 13, when his musical journey started while listening to radio shows and visiting various parties to learn about DJ-ing from older and experienced DJs. At the time he learned a lot from two famous Croatian DJs, Hot Jay and Jay-C, who mentored him and gave him his first real DJ-ing chance in 2004 when he was 18 years old. And so, Gigo was mixing in prime time on Croatian Radio DJ – friday night from midnight to 6 a.m, which was a huge challenge for him at the time.


Great feedback and his passion for music brought him his first real club gig in 2006, and after only one gig he instantly became the resident of Buddha Bar, a small club in Karlovac. The story evolved, and until today he played in more then 50 Croatian clubs, including clubs such as Aquarius, Mansion, Shamballa, Opera Club and Crazy Horse in Zagreb famous Veneranda on Hvar island, Exit and Paladium in Nova Gradiška and many more.


He was also the resident of the Crazy Horse club in 2007, the official VW DJ at the time, and he also played festivals such as Exit House Festival with D.O.N.S. and Syke´n´Sugarstarr in 2009., NNC Festival on Knin castle in 2007., Ultra Europe festival in 2016. and Seastar festival in 2017.


Talking about The Trixx, the project was a duo until 2016., when one of the guys moved to Norway, so Goran decided to continue his musical journey alone. Altough Goran was into DJ-ing since 2004., the guys started producing from scratch in early 2007. and have so far succeeded in producing some well-supported tracks and remixes. Their first remix was made for Croatian DJ Superstar Fresh Jay´s Remix Competition, and it won second place. The track was called “Do You Want Me”. Second remix they made was the beginning of a great cooperation with the famous vocalist Inusa Dawuda. The remix for his track “High Spirit” was their first officialy released remix (2008). After that, guys made a few great bootlegs, including the big Kriss Kross 1992 hip hop classic “Jump”. This one got great support all over, and altough it was supposed to be released in the US including Hot Jay vs Cash remix, it remained unreleased because of copyright issues.

  1. started great for The Trixx project. They signed another collaboration with Inusa Dawuda on the track called “My life is a party”, which was The Trixx first solo track ever released. At the same time, their firstly recognized remix for the track „Only Love“ by Hot Jay vs Cash in 2009 received huge support in Croatia, but also abroad. It was supported by Jerry Ropero, Tristan Garner, Michi Lange and Syke´n´Sugarstarr, big names on the scene at the time, and it was the first track produced in Croatia played on the famous FG DJ Radio. The track was also part of the hottest Croatian club compilation – Papaya Day & Night 2009. Thanks to this remix, the guys got the chance to remix tracks for D.O.N.S., Jerry Ropero and Freemasons. In the following years, their focus was on releasing quality tracks instead of focusing on quantity. This combination of talent, dedication and philosophy in their production caught the eye of legendary producer/DJ Laidback Luke, who discovered The Trixx project and decided to mentor them in the future.

Summer 2009 delivered another classic bootleg, this time guys decided to get their hands over
Planet Funk´s track “Chase the sun”. They were also offered to remix two legendary names – Jerry Ropero for his track “The Real Thing” and D.O.N.S. for his track “Somebody Elses Guy”, which they did, but the D.O.N.S. remix remained unreleased because of the label issues. The end of the year brought their last remix competition work, it was for Funkermans’ track “Automatic”, after which the guys decided to reconstruct their studio and focus on their own tracks instead of remixing. They also worked on a remix for Freemasons track Believer, which was refused as “too electro for the time”.

The following years were a bit quiet, with only one remix and two tracks signed. It was a remix for Mark Trophy and Sonny Wharton – “Discotech”, released on Blacksoul Music label, and singles “Tribe” (on BSMB Miami Sampler) and “Meta” (Housearth Records). Altough there wasn’t much of their production released at the time, the guys were locked up in the studio trying to develop their sound. Their quality production got noticed by Laidback Luke, who is now their mentor. Their mashup “Wild Waterfall” got his huge support, and as a result, The Trixx signed an exclusive publishing deal with Laidback Luke, who is now his personal mentor.




The first Trixx release on Ones to Watch (Mixmash) Records in 2014. was a huge summer anthem with the incredible vocals of Nuthin’ Under a Million and a powerful break. The track is called “Forever”, and it received support from Laidback Luke and Swanky Tunes among others. It also received the #30 position on the DMC Miami Buzz Chart, which was a huge success for the guys. Over the summer the guys released a festival track „Blackbeard“, and another one on Lukes label titled „Too Close“, an emotional progressive track.

Although The Trixx is now no longer a duo, that doesnt mean there isnt any new music. Quite the opposite, The Trixx is working hard following his dream of succeeding in the music industry. Set on following their dreams and passion, The Trixx project is one of the best Croatian music exports on the house music scene. The Trixx launched a new weekly podcast titled ‘The Trixxcast‘ which showcase the best of new music in the scene and new tracks by The Trixx. The podcast is regularly sitting in the top 20 itunes podcast in the region.


In 2016 The Trixx played at the Ultra Europe Worlwide Stage, and after the summer he released two amazing tracks – „Till the Sky is Falling“ with Steven Maar and Vin Harris which made it to number 6 Big Room releases on Beatport, and Electrified with Ollie Jones and MataLive which also made it to the Beatport Top 100.



2017 started with another Mixmash release, this time a collab with Steven Maar and Christy Million called “Working hard” was released on the Mixmash Deep Label. With the support from the guys such as Afrojack, Laidback Luke and Don Diablo, this track made it to the future house top 30 on Beatport.



Later in the year The Trixx released two more tracks, “Fall For You” with Calligra and Jake Dile, and “Afterglow” with Steven Maar, Camden Levine and Lux out on Ensis Records, and also performed on the huge Seastar Festival, which is the Croatian edition of the famous Exit Festival.

2018 shows no signs of stopping – after releasing the track „Follow Me“ with Sven Kirchhof and Shandra Dixon on the german imprint 120db, another track was released on the legendary Housesession Records with SolR. Besides DJ-ing and production, The Trixx is also collaborating with the Croatian DJ Academy teaching young talents about music and production.

2019 was another amazing year with two new releases on the label of Grammy-nominated producer EDX. First one was “You Got Me”, and the second one started the new era of collaboration with John Amaro – this track made it to Beatport #14 Future House and it was well accepted on the radio stations all around. The Trixx also played on the Ultra Europe for the 2nd time.

2020 – despite the fact that clubs were closed and festivals cancelled, The Trixx and John Amaro released 3 tracks, all of them on big labels (Sirup Music, 2 Dutch and legendary Blanco y Negro).


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